Friday Photography Fun // Part I

Hi photographer friends!

This may not happen every Friday…or even every other Friday (how non-committal am I sounding right now?), but this Friday is the beginning of a series of posts for tips I’ve learned along the way as a wedding and portrait photographer since 2011.

In my free time (lol), you’ll find me editing, reading photography articles about light, posing or business and watching webinars on editing style or branding. So here’s to sharing some knowledge I’ve gained through education and experience!

*I ran across this article from the former Director of Marketing at Lexar all about memory cards this morning, and I thought I’d pass it along.* It’s entitled “Why you should not delete images on your memory card using your camera” and contains many de-bunked myths!

That’s really all for today, folks! One step at a time. One change at a time, and eventually your photography business will be making huge leaps!

Happy Friday, photographer friends!

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