Overwhelmed with Goodness


“Now if you don’t believe you’ve really been blessed, take another look and see! He put clothes on your back and food on your table and supplied every one of your needs.” We’ve sung this song every of the past five nights, and it hit me tonight–the abundant love of the Lord. As we were singing an “encore” song after the program with some of the dearest people, up I looked and there was the Holland Road team, singing enthusiastically and doing actions/motions to “God Will Open Up The Windows.” It was beautiful to see friends I’d grown up with and new people adamantly praising the Lord. My cup is full. He is able, He is provider, He is kind.

Today, as others enjoyed Merthyr Tydfil and took some time to recuperate, a team of us went to Fernhill for a kids fun day. We painted nails, made balloons, made bracelets and had face painting. There was a huge crowd! It seems to be a tight knit community. After the activities outside subsided, everyone ventured indoors for the next hour and a half. The Holland Road team did an incredible job presenting the gospel seemlessly in pirate form. It was effective, funny, interactive and blessed my soul! I’ve loved seeing this team work this week–such servants who truly care.

Tonight was also beautiful. I believe 7 people were saved! One was watching the presentation from his roof, and another was standing outside listening! Oh, our God of the impossible. A man with critical cancer condition came tonight against the nurses orders….and guess what, the Lord tugged at his soul and he wept and accepted Christ as Lord of his life!

Would love your prayers still. It’s been eye-opening to see God’s hand move evidently, surely, rapidly. Pray for continued outpouring, strength for Sunday services in the morning, joy for two more gospel presentations, continued unity among the teams.



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