Personal: That Time I Ate Barbeque

….and it was SO GOOD. I’m not a Southern girl. I barely just became an American citizen! So this whole barbeque thing is completely foreign (literally). To every Brit, I apologize for liking this food. But, truly, it was such a fun experience and made my tastebuds smile (if tastebuds had smiling capabilities).

Brennen and I flew to Houston last weekend to stay with his family and, boy, was it fun! We talked, laughed, ate airport food, played games, chilled with Tess the dog, watched movies, went on a run and ate some incredible food (including Febles Taco Night….it’s amazing). But my favourite part was when we ate barbeque…

We pulled in to a gas station-turned restaurant called RUDY’S. We walked in the door to the sound of country music, the smell of barbeque sauce and the sight of people sitting around picnic-style benches covered with red and white-checkered tablecloths. After picking up Mexican bottles of Sprite, we walked up to the counter and proceeded to order meat by the pound! It came, along with a loaf of bread, in a black crate which we transported to our table.

After picking up the essentials (there was a big need for NAPKINS), we sat in front of pieces of wax paper which functioned as plates! You pile the meat, barbeque sauce, bread, coleslaw, cream corn and baked beans on to the wax paper and go for it. It was also my first time eating ribs….I’m glad Brennen and I experienced that after seven months of dating and not on our first date!

The Febles family are a joy to be around! Please enjoy these pictures.



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