Senior Portraits: Seth Thomason

It’s felt like an age since I’ve blogged anything. The past few months have been crazy with so many life changes! Senior Seth Thomason is going to experience a lot of life changes, too, with graduation and college coming up!

The Thomasons and I had such fun on their family’s hunting land about a month ago. I had my first experience with a shotgun and mistakenly wore sandals in the middle of the sticks (classic Eleanor). Such a fun sunrise shoot and I hope you enjoy!FINALwatermarkIMG_3604IMG_4047IMG_4036IMG_4035IMG_4029IMG_4021IMG_4012IMG_3999IMG_3980IMG_3970IMG_3967IMG_3963IMG_3952IMG_3948IMG_3942IMG_3931IMG_3922IMG_3863IMG_3852IMG_3851IMG_3833IMG_3797IMG_3792IMG_3750IMG_3746IMG_3740IMG_3728IMG_3722IMG_3717IMG_3716IMG_3708IMG_3703IMG_3686IMG_3675IMG_3666IMG_3658IMG_3650IMG_3642IMG_3636IMG_3625IMG_3610

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